For Patients

Radiation Safety

There will be medicine leaving your body for a few days after you get MIBG. While that’s happening, you will be in the hospital. Your parent or other family member will take care of you most of the time. Your nurse will check your vital signs once a day, give you IV medications on your pump, and check your ID band every time they hand your parent a medicine for you to take.

MIBG safety rules:

  1. Only bring things into the room that you can throw away.
  2. You can only get out of bed when someone says it’s OK, like when you ask to go to the bathroom.


Your parent/caregiver

Your mom or dad will do special things to be sure that all the medicine goes to your body and not their bodies.

  1. They’ll wear clothing that keeps the medicine off of their skin—booties go over their shoes, a gown covers their clothes and body, and gloves protect their hands.
  2. They’ll stay behind the special shields around your bed. They will be able to see you, and you will be able to see them.