For Patients

Your MIBG Room

When you walk into your MIBG room at CHOP, you’ll see it is a normal hospital room with everything covered in plastic! This is so only your body gets the medicine. There are other things you’ll see too.


There is a shield on each side of your bed

There are two shields on both sides of your bed. When your parent or other family member is taking care of you, they’ll stand behind the shield. You can see them, and they can see you.

The couch

Whoever takes care of you in the hospital will spend most of their time on the couch. The couch is just a few feet from the edge of your bed. Your luggage and other things will be stored behind the couch.

TV, DVD player and PlayStation

You can watch TV and movies and play video games while you get your medicine. Your parent will have to put the DVDs on, and your video game controller and remote controller will be wrapped in plastic.


The bathroom in your MIBG room is just for you! You will have to use the bathroom and pee every two hours, even overnight. After you pee, make sure to flush the toilet two times. Boys will sit down to pee. You will be getting a lot of fluids through your IV or central line, so you will definitely have to go! This helps to make sure the medicine is cleared out through your pee.


Only you and your caregiver can be in the room while you get your medicine. Others can talk to you from the doorway, and they can call you on the phone.