For Patients

Your MIBG Room

When you walk into your MIBG room at CHOP, you’ll see it is a normal hospital room with everything covered in plastic. The plastic makes it easier to clean the room after you go home. There are other things you’ll see too.


There is a shield on each side of your bed

There are shields on both sides of your bed. When your caregiver is taking care of you, they’ll stand behind the shield. You can see and hear them, and they can see and hear you.

The couch

Whoever takes care of you in the hospital will spend most of their time on the couch. The couch is just a few feet from the edge of your bed. Your luggage and other things will be stored behind the couch.


The bathroom in your MIBG room is just for your waste! No one is allowed to use the bathroom during your hospital stay.